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Dr. Elaine Carr

Dr. Elaine Carr is a highly skilled and experienced orthodontist who has been creating beautiful smiles for children, adolescents and adults for over 25 years, building a reputation as a top orthodontist in South Florida. Dr. Carr has practiced Dentistry and Orthodontics in Maryland and Florida since 1980. She received her BS Degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1974 and her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the Medical College of Virginia in 1980. Dr. Elaine practiced General Dentistry as a clinical instructor at The Kernan Hospital for Handicapped Children in Baltimore, Maryland for eight years, and then attended Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, where she completed her post-doctoral specialty Orthodontic training in 1990.

Dr. Carr has been able to help numerous patients to restore a beautiful smile, selecting the best option suited to the patient’s dental and financial needs.